Friday, May 3, 2013

Discernment: Opening oneself to God

Discernment is about being open to God.  One of the things that can open us to God—to peace, joy, and love—are the hobbies which we enjoy. One of my former hobbies was painting outdoor scenes, using watercolor. I loved it. It felt so satisfying and uplifting to create something beautiful in my eyes and in the eyes of others.  In reflecting on that experience and longing to return to making time in my busy schedule to re-engage in  doing watercolor or learning to paint with oils, the thought occurred to me that, by taking time to engage in “fun” activities, the sense of doing things out of obligation is tempered into doing things out of love. God wants us to give ourselves to Him out of love, not out of obligation. He wants us to choose Him freely. A hobby, taking time for leisure and for re-creation, allows me the time to step back and do what I love to do: be creative.  Writing does the same thing for me. Being creative gives me energy to engage in life more fully, more freely, to relate to people more lovingly and respectfully.  And that is God’s will for me.  So, creativity and enjoying a hobby is a way to become “clay in the Potter’s hands.”

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