Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Religious Life: The Franciscan Gift to the Church and to Ourselves

Sr. M. Monica Baneschi of Region Italy of the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother, shares her reflections on the gift of Franciscan spirituality: She writes:"Franciscan Spirituality was fundamental
for me to live my faith more joyfully, long before I entered the congregation. During my novitiate in Assisi, I had the grace
to immerse myself in the places of Francis and Clare and to 'absorb' their charism by the living testimony of their current spiritual children. The study of the Franciscan Sources and the Third Order Rule was very important to help me to get closer to the heart and faith of Francis. His style of praying has also greatly impacted my way to pray. Through the study and testimony of brothers and sisters who follow in the footsteps of Francis to reach Christ, I learned to love this spirituality ever more and I desire to be guided by it throughout my consecrated life. My desire and commitment in my daily life is to be able to incarnate the Franciscan simplicity, joy, community and gratitude for all the gifts I received."

Sister Monica is now a professed Sister. She is a physician working at Casa di Riposo S. Giuseppe, a nursing home,  in Capannelle, Roma.

Sister Monica Baneschi, SSM