Monday, February 24, 2014

Discernment--Psalm 23


In Psalm 23, the Lord is my Shepherd, we are reminded that, because God shepherds us, “we shall not want.”  In walking away from God’s will for us personally—whether that be the call to marriage, to religious life, to priesthood, to the diaconate or the single life, or any choice of lesser significance—is it that we fear being wanting, that we will lack essential needs, that we will be malnourished in the essence of what it means to be human, to live a full life?

I suggest that we take some time to reflect upon our fears and get in touch with answers to the following question: What do you think you will lack if:

1.      You enter religious life

2.      You enter the seminary

3.      You begin the diaconate program

4.      You say “yes” to this one woman/man whom you believe God is calling you to commit  your life in faith, hope and love

5.      You commit to the single life, giving all of your time, talent, and energy to a professional career and/or a ministry in the church that builds a better world and one that lives according to God’s decrees



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