Thursday, December 18, 2014

Religious Life as a Sister of the Sorrowful Mother, a Franciscan Congregation

Sr. Daniela Maria Alborghetti Region Italy, one of our newest members was asked to reflect on the spirituality of the Sisters of the Sorrowful Mother, Franciscans. She writes: "I have been attracted by the person of Francis since childhood; his ability to rejoice at everything, the joy of seeing God in the most humble of  creatures;being trustful in his heart like a child who expects everything from his parents and knows that all his needs will be satisfied. All these aspects of the Franciscan Spirituality have accompanied me as a Sister of the Sorrowful Mother. In the last few years, Francis’ unceasing reference to the Mercy of God supported me very much. God does not disdain any of us and it is through our poverty that His grace and power shine. My continuous experience of God’s Mercy helps my heart to be more merciful to our sisters and those close to me. All of this makes me think of Mary, and, in a particular way, of standing under the cross. In her moment of utter poverty and untold suffering she became a mother in the fullness of motherhood, welcoming in her heart all the sons and daughters who were entrusted to her by her dying Son."

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