Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Discerning God's Will: Ignatian Method

IGNATIAN METHOD OF DISCERNMENT: Step I of the Ignatian method of discernment is to think of the end for which we have been created: 1) to praise and glorify God and 2) to work out our salvation. We have been placed on this earth to make choices both in terms of becoming the persons God meant us to become (thus glorifying the Lord) and in choosing that state in life in which we can best do that.  When we choose that State in Life to which God calls us, then it is in that lifestyle that we will best become our true selves, give highest praise to God and work out the details of our salvation. A question we might ask ourselves is:  Where best and how best can I come to know Jesus and develop a deep personal friendship with Jesus? Both of those goals are necessary if we are to reach our end: glorifying God and achieving our salvation.  Accepting the gift of salvation and all that is necessary to realize this gift, our complete transformation into Christ Jesus, is a life-long task in any vocation in life.

Source: Discernment of Spirits by Warren Sazama, SJ, National Religious Vocation Conference, Chicago, IL 60615.

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