Thursday, February 14, 2013

Listening to God's Voice

How do you know God's will for you?  God speaks to you in your heart, in the depths of your being.  The Holy Spirit lives within your true self, directing you from that place within where you and God are one.

How do you become aware of the whispering, soft voice of the Spirit of God? By learning/teaching yourself to be alone, to   be in a place of solitude and quiet; by practicing being still in the presence of God (God is everywhere).  God's voice can best be heard in the solitude of nature, of churches, of any place where we tune out distracting noises or, when distracted, returning to the stillness by using a mantra such as : "Be still and know that I am God," or simply the word "God" or "stillness," or "love" or "peace" or whatever word brings you back to a quiet, listening stance.  God is always speaking to your heart/soul, sending you messages that will lead to your peace, your happiness, your wholeness and holiness.  Are you tuned in? To what voices are you listening: only your own? only that of others? only your ego's (the ego wants its will be be done, wants to go its own way, not the way God wants)?  What is your desire?

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