Friday, June 14, 2013

Discernment from a "Winner's Perspective"

Consider yourself a winner!  Feel the energy of putting yourself in the winner's circle!  Imagine looking back at each day's accomplishment from the perspective of "How did I win today?" Discerning what direction to take from that stance is effected in a positive way!  Imagine being a nominee for a Young Person's Award: you have been nominated for your courage in having left home and entered college; for leaving a job that was, in no way, using your skills or which was totally contrary with the values you hold as a Christian. Or maybe you have been nominated  because you have had the courage to go back to school or you have become involved in helping the poor at a soup kitchen or assisting the mentally or physically challenged at a summer camp.  In short, you have and are making decisions that witness to the strength of your character and that affirm your ability to make choices that are best for you. 

This is what discernment is all about!  God has given you the ability to know what is best for you.  Another person may think he/she knows what is in your best interest--only you know that!  Each time, then., you direct yourself in ways that brings out your best self, you have accurately discerned God's will for you.  Doing that in ways mentioned above paves the way for you to take on even bigger decisions like a lifetime commitment in marriage, in religious life and/or priesthood.  Discerning what is best for you in less weightier matters prepares you for discerning the way to take in weightier ones.

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