Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Vita Consecrata--Consecrated Life


 A significant dimension of religious life is involved in apostolic activities, also referred to in religious life as our ministries.  I would like to feature another member of my religious community, Sister Mary Ellen Joyce. Sister Mary Ellen is a certified long-term care chaplain endorsed by the National Association of Catholic Chaplains (N.A.C.C.). Her role as Chaplain is to be present to residents, their families and the staff at Franciscan Oaks Health Center in Denville, New Jersey.  Her ministry encompasses three levels of care: independent, assisted living and those who need around-the-clock nursing care.  She conducts weekly communion services, scripture study and prayer.  Her responsibilities also include preparing weekly faith-based reflections, holiday customs and trivia and the creation of a Christmas pageant.

Her creativity exudes all of her work. Here is a segment of one of her Scripture trivia games:

·         Who had the highest sodium level recorded in scripture?

·         What is the sign of God’s covenant?

·         What ritual meal is eaten just as it was in scripture?

·         What horse-drawn vehicle wheels clogged during the chase?

·         Who could have been on a biblical “Ricky Lake show”?

o   He was his father’s favorite.

o   His brothers hated him.

o   He was abused physically and emotionally.

o   He was seduced by his employer’s wife.

·         Whose name in scripture means “I drew you out of the water” (His mother could have been in Martha Stewarts basket class)?

·         The Queen of Sheba probably had the largest ____cabinet in the world.

·         Where in scripture do we read about a possible entry into the “Ripley’s Believe it Or Not” most incredible fish story?

·         Before Mr. Ed. We hear of a talking ______in the book of Numbers. Sorry Mr. Ed!

 If you love God above all, hunger to know, cherish and delve into the Scriptures, are creative, want to serve people where they are at, enjoy being involved in Church Ministry, in helping the poor and/or working for peace and justicve in our world,  strive to grow in intimacy with the Lord, want to dedicate your entire being to the Lord alone, hear a small inner voice inviting you to consider religious life, perhaps religious life is for you.  I invite you to browse our vocation website, www.becomingasister.org. and fill out the self-quiz.







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