Thursday, July 25, 2013

Discerning your Spiritual Well-being

Discernment: Every day we are faced with discerning, “diagnosing, if you will,” the health of our hearts, not our physical health but our spiritual health.  In other words, is the Word of God, as it comes to you through the Scriptures, through the events of your day, through your relationships, falling  on soil in which it will bear good fruit, fruit that will last, or will the seed rotten, return to the earth without yielding the fruit within it?  If the soil of your heart is hardened by anger and hatred, jealousy and envy, judgmentalism and pride, selfishness and narcissism, by deceitfulness and meanness, then God’s word is choked off and eaten by “birds of prey,” unable to take root.  On the other hand, if your heart is made fertile by your humility, your honesty and openness,  by your generosity and love shown  to the poor and needy (especially within your family or, if a member of a religious community, the members of your community); if your heart is porous and softened by “rain” poured forth by daily prayer, reflection on the Scriptures, by taking time, in solitude, to bask in God’s loving gaze, then the seed of God’s Word, in whatever form it comes to you, will bear fruit that will last.


Can you discern the condition of your heart?

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