Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Discernment: Where do I begin if I want to become a sister?

You begin this incredible journey, as any journey, by knowing where you want to go.  In which religious community are you interested?  Find out by doing some research. Go to the Internet, type in “Women Religious Communities.”  You will be directed to a website. In that website, click on the name of the religious community. That community’s website will open to you. Browse it! Read and reflect on it several times.  What about that particular community sparks a desire in you to consecrate your life to the Lord as a member of that religious community.  If what you are learning does not resonate with you, go to another website; search out another religious community.  Do so on the web and in person or over the phone.  Get to know the sisters in person. Attend “Come and See” sessions that a religious community sponsors.  “Hang out” with the Sisters.   Meet the vocation director in person or get to know her and let her get to know you via phone conversations.  

Discernment:  Vocation Directors have all sorts of materials that will help you in the discerning of your vocation and beginning this first step of the journey. Ask if she will share those with you  and then arrange phone conversations to discuss that material, piece by piece.  If interested in this first step, email me at ssmvoc@gmail.com and I will gladly assist you.  So will any other vocation director of the religious communities you found listed in the Women Religious Community’s Directory.  I encourage you to step out of your “shyness” and contact any one of them.

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