Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Discernment: Learning from the Present and Past

Discernment:  In discerning your vocation to religious life, look at how God works in your life.  Identify key moments throughout your history that your experienced God at work within you, around you and through you. How are God’s promises being fulfilled in your life?  How is Jesus present to you?

In solitude consider how Jesus may be calling you. What is Jesus saying to you?

In surrendering to God, what do you expect of God?  What do you anticipate from God? For what do you hope?

In reviewing your life story, what have been the most important decisions you have made in your life thus far? What were your hopes and fears in the process of making those decisions? How did you come to those decisions?  Which of those decisions left you pleased/displeased? And why?  What were the consequences and outcomes of those decisions? In considering the decision of pursuing/not pursuing religious life, what do you learn from how you made past decisions and their outcomes?


(Source: “How will I know? Discerning the call to religious life,” Priests of the Sacred Heart, Hales Corners, WI, 2000).

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