Thursday, April 11, 2013

Discernment and Everyday Experiences

Discernment:  God gives me daily lessons in learning the skills of discernment in my everyday experiences, as God exists in all of them.  My confusion is an invitation to step aside, seek counsel or engage in further research to ascertain more nformation.  How well do I do that?  Hidden in my weaknesses are my strengths (the flip side of the same coin, so to speak). What strength is being called forth by a particular weakness?  Foolishness invites me to discover God's Wisdom at the core of my being.  Do I step back and ask God to teach me what I need to learn from my follies?  Vulnerabilities are also God's way of communicating His will for me.  Do I even recognize to what, where, when and with whom I am vulnerable to engage in behaviors or make choices that are not in my best interests, that do not foster growth in the desires of my true self and are not in accord with Gospel values?  

If I step back and reflect on ordinary experiences--confusion or doubt, weaknesses and vulnerabilities,  foolishness or follies--I will grow in discerning whether good spirits or bad spirits are influencing my choices.

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