Friday, April 12, 2013

Discernment:Is What I Am Considering of Divine or Human Origin

Discernment: In Acts 5:34-42, we read about the apostles being arrested by the Pharisees.  Gamaliel, "a teacher of the law, respected by all the people," reminded his fellow Pharisees that if the activity of the apostles was of human origin, it would not prevail over time.  On the other hand, if it originated from God, "you will not be able to destroy them; but you may even find yourselves fighting against God."

This advice may serve us well in discerning God's will in our daily lives and in discerning a vocation in life, be it marriage, the single life, religious life, priesthood or the diaconate.  If the intuition concerning a state in life or any other decision is of God, it will persist. A person will not be able to do away with it. God's will will prevail.  If, on the other hand, what one is considering is of human origin, it will disappear. It will not happen.  That does not mean that a person does not have to discern.  Pros and cons still need to be examined. Choices still need to be made. A person still needs to discover the origin of one's desires--are they coming from the Holy Spirit or from a spirit contrary to God's will, to the truth within the depth of one's being,  See previous blogs for ways to discern good or bad spirits, or, in the language of Acts 5: 34-2, their source:  human origins or divine origin.

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