Monday, April 8, 2013

Discernment and Gospel Values

In discerning God's will for me, whether that be discerning my vocation in life or what God is asking of me in my decisions of my daily life, what Gospel values are motivating me to choose one state in life instead of another or to choose one way of acting instead of another?  Am I motivated by love? by justice? by truth? by faithfulness? by forgiveness or reconciliation? Or another value I find lived out by Jesus? Also guiding my decisions needs to be the life of Jesus Himself, His modeling service to the poor, the outcast, the forgotten persons of His society; His healing ministry, His obedience to the Father's will, His mission to bring fullness of life to all persons; His life, death and resurrection.

What decision would I make considering it in light of Gospel values and in light of Jesus' life?

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